Selected work.

Conferences & Festivals

2015-05-15,   CLICK festival, Helsingør, Round table discussion on Biomedia art.

2014-06-26, Kopenlab, a citizen science festival. Part of Science in the City, during ESOF2014. Main project leader and coordinator. ( VIDEO )

2014-09-24,   SNET conference, Karlsruhe (Society for the study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies). Diybio workshop organiser, and panellist on a diybio and synthetic biology session.

2014-04-25,   Hackterialab2014, Collaborative bioart and open hardware conference. I did various workshops and exhibitions

2014-03-29,   Future Everything, Manchester. Exhibition & workshop (pdf)

2013-10-28,   Re-New, new media arts festival. CPH. Exhibition & Workshop. Biostrike / Innoculab a collaborative citizen science platform. (pdf)

Talks & Presentations

2018-01-12, Guest lecturer, DTU-Mek, Biomimicry Course 41084, “Ecosystem Design, from Biohacking to Biodesign”.

2017-11-30, Guest lecture, KU PLEN, course “Innovation – inspired by nature”. “Ecosystem Design Principles” and rapid prototyping.

2017-03-17, Guest lecturer, IT-University of Copenhagen. “Sustainable Futures -DIY, Art, Biohacking & Activism” Course: Sustainable Futures.

2016-06-04, Guest lecturer, IT-University of Copenhagen. “Governance of hackerspaces, subject, self & power”. In the master course Digital Governance, Management and Accountability.

2014-10-27,   DIYbio meet-up, Vienna. “Comments & Questions for DIYbio & Citizen Science” keylearnings from SNET. After Biofiction synthbio film festival. (blogpost report)

2014-05-14,   Børsen IT-value conference,   Presenting Baessy with Novozymes, Open Innovation, Open R&D

2013-11-27,   “Ethics – Learning by hacking“, for ERA Synbio network at Statens Serum Institut.

2012-06-14,   “FBI – DIYBio Outreach conference”, San Fransisco, CA, USA


2017-09-05,  Mini workshop & guest teaching. At KADK, center for codesign in the course “Design beyound the human” by Li Jönsson, assistant professor.   Teaching “Living system design principles – Designing for or with biology” and rapid prototyping.

2015-05-05,   Using biohacking and citizen science in the high school education, workshop for biotechnology and biology teachers, Frederikborg Gymnasium.

2015-02-19,   Thinking biology as an entrepreneur. Introduction to Citizen Science and Biohacking, Copenhagen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

2014-00-00,   Organiser, “Group Experiment Nights” in Biologigaragen a series of workshops about diybio, biohacking & citizen science.

2013-09-06,   Organiser,  “New garden city – Future Food Production”, Traneudstillingen, Gentofte (webphotos)

2013-09-06,   “Change Work – Future Food” Agro Food Park, Århus. Participating as expert on design & open innovation, organised by  (webpdf)

2013-06-24,   “Change Work – Mobility in the city” CPH Municipality and Participating as expert on design & open innovation.

Exhibitions & Installations

2017-01-27, “Harvesting the Rare Earth” a speculative near future biomining scenario. Exhibition at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art. A collaboration with Jacob Sikker Remin.

2014-08-00,   “Urine Journey” An Interactive Art Science Installation. Creating a human-bacteria-data symbiosis. (web,  Research & documentation folder)

2013 – 2014,   Biohacker: “Do It Yourself”, Exhibition at the Medical museion, Copenhagen. ( VIDEO )


2014-06-00,  “Baessy” Open source tools & assays for citizen science. Open source hardware innovation. Biologigaragen & Novozymes

2013-11-00,   Winner of Århusvand Idea competition. “The Resource Library, The Energy Producing Waste Water Plant of The Future“. Innovation in Architecture, project with GXN. .

2013-07-01,   Creating a Makerspace and mobile laboratory at Roskilde festival with Labitat & Biologigaragen. (Photos)

2013-06-00,  “Mallorca Verd” Complete water recirculation model for a hotel and conference center. Collaboration with GXN. Architecture.

2012-12-00,  “Indoor Farming Society” CIID Interaction Design Thesis. Stakeholder, knowledge and value chain mapping of the house plant industry.


2013 -> ->,   Blog: “Folkeforsker” at ingeniø, several blogposts about Citizen Science and biohacking.

2014-06-26,   Reports, blogposts, workshop decriptions and web-layout on the Kopenlab citizen science festival website.

2014-05-26, “Genforskere vil hjælpe miljøet ved at genskabe uddøde dyrearter“, Ingeniøren in Print, front page, popular science communication.

2014-05-26, “Forskere vil hjælpe den amerikanske vandredue til at gå igen“, Ingeniøren,, popular science communication.

2014-04-25, “Ny produktion af malariamedicin kan være skadeligt for miljøet“, Ingeniøren,, popular science communication.

2014-04-24, “Gær med gener fra kinesisk malurt laver industriel malariamedicin“, Ingeniøren,, popular science communication.


Selected photos on Flickr:


Supervising, consulting or advising student projects.

2014,   Architectural graduation project,   “Havbiotip” a marine aquaculture cultivation, education and recreation center by Marie Erstad,  The Royal Academy of Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014,   Interaction Design Mater,   “Urine Journey” an art science installation, A unisex urinal turning pee into power. Cristina Muñoz, Goldsmith school of Design, London, UK.

2014,   Master in IT & Business innovation,   “Virtual Incubator” online information and innovation tools. Thomas Bjørn, Anne Mette Manniche, IT-University of Copenhagen, DK

+ Advising and supervising various diybio & biohacking projects.